Psychology Research and Its Methods Essay

The choice of a research method defines the further course of the study; therefore, it must be chosen with the account of the specifics of not only the study, but also the subject and, therefore, the type of data to be dealt with.


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In psychology, a range of information comes in its qualitative form; herein, the priority of qualitative research types for such studies as research on Alzheimer’s disease lies (Breckler, 2004). Among the most common methods, a longitudinal study, a quasi-experiment, and a survey may be named. Despite the seeming difference between the specified methods, each of them allows for an all-embracing analysis of the existing qualitative data.

A scientific method is traditionally defined as a systematic process of inquiry (Feldman, 2013).In other words, this is a means of acquiring new knowledge and, most importantly, processing it to make the necessary research implications. As far as three different research methods are concerned, a quasi-experiment is the study that lacks its defining characteristics (Christens & Speer, 2011).

As a rule, it is used to identify the impact of a particular phenomenon edubirdie illegal on the target population. A longitudinal study, in its turn, is the research that helps build an explanatory theory (Christens & Speer, 2011). Finally, a survey is traditionally defined as a method of data collection from the sample population with the help of an interview (Christens & Speer, 2011).

Though the types of research methods mentioned above do presuppose entirely different research designs, each of them creates the premises for fast and efficient acquisition of the data, as well as a thorough and efficient analysis of the study information. The choice of a specific research method type hinges on the specifics of the study. However, each of the methods helps obtain a fruitful result.

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